Monday, 26 April 2010

New promo - this week only!

Hi knitfans! Just a quick missive this week, as I've just been commissioned to do two projects, rather excitingly! There aren't any pictures as yet but I promise, you'll be the first to know when there are...

The first is a snood of the long loose sort that you can double up, and it's just the sort of project I really enjoy - the customer had a picture of the sort of thing she wanted and a specific colour, but other than that she's letting me loose on it... bold, no? :) It's pretty straightforward actually, but I do get to do it with lovely alpaca yarn, which I AM very pleased about. The second is a traditional baby blanket, which I've decided to crochet, and which again is being made up in lovely soft yarn - a merino mix this time. Between the pair of them they should keep me out of trouble for the meantime anyway... ;)

Even more excitingly however (as if I could deal with more excitement!) is the new Knitted Duck promo - every day this week, I'll be selling a different item in the KD shop for HALF PRICE! The promo only lasts for the day, and I won't be revealing them in advance so you either have to follow me on Twitter - - or become a fan of us on Facebook - here - to get the most up to date info. It's only for this week though, and each offer only lasts for the day, so get involved!

That's all for now my knitties; I'm waiting (im)patiently for Mr Postman to deliver my wool so I can get started, and the doorstep ain't gonna collar him by itself...

love and cake
KD xxx

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