Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The calm after the storm...

I have neglected you this week my knitties, for which I must apologise; the real world called, as it invariably and inconveniently does... It's been all change again, at work this time; bidding farewell to Ghost Stories and its phenomenal run, which has resulted it being picked up for a residency in the West End! V exciting in the world of theatre. I won't bore you if you're not already into your theatre but if you are, it'll open at the Duke of York's theatre in London on the 25th of June ;)

So there it is, and I'm back to the world of knitting now, albeit briefly. It feels like business has settled somewhat, what with the novelty factor wearing off and the backlog of commissions completed, so I need to get my marketing head on good and proper to shake things up again - trouble is I'm terrible at marketing! My next big goal is to get a proper website for KD, although that's some way off yet - my accounts are getting healthier, if not quite yet to the tune of my own little piece of cyberspace realty :) Nonetheless I'm hoping to have it up in the next few months, hopefully with the help of my lovely partner Andy who is a bit of a computer whizz (he has a degree in Artifical Intelligence - I still think that's damn cool). Watch this space!

Meanwhile, I must admit I could do with some feedback on what knitted things attract people and what don't - I've been getting so carried away with all the new designs that pop into my head and what things I'd like to see in the shop that the logical business part of my brain has been drowned out somewhat - apparently the point of this whole lark is to make stuff for other people, who knew... With that in mind, please feel free to add any comments below - you can see what I've currently got on offer in the two shops: Folksy in £ at http://theknittedduck.folksy.com, Etsy in $ at http://theknittedduck.etsy.com. I'd love to hear what you think!

That's it from me for now - short and sweet this time! I'll be back soon enough, probably with more photos and knittynoms for your delectation. For now, adieu!

KD x

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