Thursday, 11 February 2010

New knitty fings - eventually...

Lo all! My, it's been a while. You can blame the recent radio silence on two things: first is my darling boyfriend getting me hooked on bloody Lamebook (you can't possibly hate me for it any more than I do myself), and second is my latest literary love, Cathi Unsworth: punk/noir novelist extraordinaire. If you've ever trawled the streets of Camden Town as a purple haired, bespiked, disenfranchised soul in Dr Martens, as I once did, you'll identify with her punk chic tales of London's criminal overworld and the web of journos who weave them. I'll be honest, there's a little bit of a girl-crush going on there. For more info, here's her site:

Course, it hasn't been a complete shutdown over here at Chez Duck - I've been experimenting with some colours and stitches to create some new pieces, and I've finished my loopy teacosy below, not to mention updating my Etsy and eBay shops. I'm planning to do a range of accessories based around Britain's woodland (I've already done a ladybird which I almost can't bear to sell) and a range of retro noir as inspired by Miss Unsworth, including knitted spats and black and white lace glovies, so keep your beady ones open!
Love and crumpets,

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