Friday, 19 November 2010

Return of the Duck...

Well, I am rubbish.
I know, I know, understatement much - my last post was on the 29th July! I do have a good excuse, mind - since I last blogged my new job in the glamourous world of theatre has presented me with something of a baptism of fire, and even as I write it's the last Friday for a while that I'll have the chance to blog. I'm talking 8am starts and 5am finishes, cancelled performances and 6 versions of misbehaving scenery - but I wouldn't change it for anything. Except maybe a few more hours' sleep. YAWN.

So what's occurring? In that time we've added a whole new winter line for the Folksy and Etsy shops, acquired our first employee - welcome Wendimum, literal and figurative mother of KD :) - to keep up with demand, been on holiday, had a haircut, drunk gallons of tea and coffee, and spent hours fawning over Jeff and Bob, our new goldfish. (Don't judge me, they're really bloomin' cute.)

We've also overhauled our Facebook fanpage - now with 207 fans, whoop! - and are gearing up for Christmas with plenty of giveaways and offers, including postage refunds for our FB and Twitter fans on all Folksy orders placed by 12th December. We're just too good to you.

Not to mention occasionally squeezing in the odd bit of knitting! Here's a few of our most recent commissions...

Green Anchor iPad Sock :: Kris
Another of Kris' requests that turned out to be a brilliant little intarsia design - a chic way to protect your iPad or netbook from the elements! Although this one was sold as a commission, we have a similar iPad/netbook sock in Chocolate Stripe currently available in both shops...

Rosy Tea Cosy :: Glenn
A commission that came to me via Twitter, I was originally asked to make a teacosy with the word 'Rosie' on the side, but knowing how hit and miss words can come out at the chunky gauge needed for a cosy with insulating properties, I suggested going for an actual rose detail instead, and this is what I came up with. It turned out to be a good decision, and a commission I'm really proud of.

Long Leg Goth Socks :: Charlie
I love these, and as soon as the backlog of knitting is cleared I'm making myself a pair too... The brief was to make a pair of long slouchy socks for a lady whose friend didn't believe gothy versions of yoga socks existed - just goes to show you can knit anything you can think of knitting! Next step: reading my new bible, otherwise known as Anticraft: Knitting Beading & Stitching For The Slightly Sinister...

Seaside Scene Cushion Cover :: Sue

My piece de resistance - Sue requested this as a decorative cover for a young lady who lives in Brighton and always wanted a sunny seaside view, even in winter! She was so pleased with it she promised to return for another commission before long - there's simply no publicity as good as a happy customer :)

So what's next? Well as soon as I'm done here I'm off to rejig my website, organise my large but disorganised stock, and get cracking on a couple more knitties.
Not least of which, our latest signature item, the Mobius Snood - inspired by the famous Mobius Strip - which is designed as a continuous loop with one twist, meaning it can be worn as a long scarf, or doubled over as a hood and neckwarmer! Knitted with 9mm needles in thick but light yarns, they are cosy, chic and great at insulating against bitter winds and cold.

That's all from me for now, but although I won't be able to blog again for a couple of weeks I promise not to leave it as long as 4 months... Please feel free to comment on anything in this blog you found interesting, and as always keep us up to date with your crafty goings on!

Love and knitties,

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