Monday, 8 March 2010

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Just a flying visit knitfans...

The Etsy shop is up to date FINALLY (woo hoo!) - I honestly do not know where the time goes sometimes, I had such grand designs on this about three weeks ago. Anyhoo, it's here now, featuring the knitty bits from last Friday's blog post, and you can find them here:

And as always, don't be put off by the dollar signs - I do of course sell in pounds (prices on previous blog) and can make commissions and custom makes as well.

Now, if you've looked through the shop and thought "This is great, but what I really need is a knitted beard" then I know just the place for you. Wife of Brian is run by a fellow theatrical type called Vicky, and if you want to see the fantastic things she makes visit or follow her on blogspot (she's in my list). What that girl can't make with a pair of needles is not worth making. She's also the reason I've pulled my finger out at all and got The Knitted Duck up and running proper, so when I make my first million with knitting it'll be her I have to thank :) If you like what you see please spread the word.

That's all for now - I'll be back soon with photos, new fings and eventually (fingers and needles crossed) a knitting clinic for those of you who want to know the difference between pearls and purls :D

love and knitties xxx

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